Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stay at home Mum.

Today is mothers day, we honor the ladies in our lives who have taught us and lifted us. I am surrounded by fabulous women who I learn from daily and distant women who continue to encourage and celebrate with me. If there's one thing I have learned about mother hood, it is this.... there is no such thing as a stay at home Mum! I mean, how nice would that privilege be! "hon, can you stop at the store on your way home, here's the 3 page list with package of coupons and food allowance. Oh and pop in the school and grab little Ron cos he has a game at 3:40 across town and you could just drop him off, Jacobs Dad will pick him up cos his Mums busy staying home too. I'll just be here cooking cleaning etc, waiting for you to do that and then I'll read while you go to the volleyball tournament and pack meeting.
The thing is, now that my kids are in school, I am often asked if I'll go back to work. Like maybe I just took the last 13 years off! The fact is, we don't stay home at all, we don't stop working, we just have different employers and no pay check. We are blessed to spend time with our kids, sharing there fun experiences, field trips, school events. We get to be at there games, help with there art projects. Hug them when there sad, fix there favorite meals and eat lunch with them on weekdays.

For these privileges I have to say Thank you to the Man in my life who makes it possible that I can be a "stay at home Mum"

Before anyone takes offense, I am not saying a kids life is lacking when his Mum is working but I know MY life would be lacking if I chose that path.

So Happy Mothers Day to all, I hope everyone enjoys a free day to celebrate the blessing it is to have people in our lives who love and depend on us.

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