Tuesday, May 19, 2009

and the winner is.......

I swear I have have the best husband on the planet.
So it's my birthday, or it was last week and I was too busy to post. Mothers day has just gone so while most men are suffering total burnout from the one day of slavery (trust me, I get my full Mum's worth) Mine is already working on my special birthday.
My first birthday in the US was a sad affair. I'd been in the country 13 days and didn't know a single person besides him and my boys. I woke up to a "happy birthday sweetie" and that about did it. No card, no dinner, no surprise!! So birthday's weren't a big deal to him growing up. This is still evident in the lack of birthday wishes from his family to this day ( I must say, some are getting on the wagon, there may still be time)
To me however this was gut wrenching, back then we weren't all on email, or texting or facebook and I just watched for the post man everyday to see some form of communication.
So fast forward 13 years and I woke up to a email on my blackberry next to the bed, 1 minute past midnight, well wishes from my Mummy, kids jumping on the bed with special gifts for me. A precious letter from My hubby on airmail paper just like the "olden" days. and when you think life is good I walked into my closet to see.....

Call me a organization nerd but he had organized my shoes,(I have another row of sandles & my boots are away for the winter, in case anyone was feeling bad for me)
I was so surprised and happy. He also got me some cylcle shoes, socks and a pedicure so it was all about the feet. Jordan also got me some hot new pumas.

Seriously, some want diamonds, jewels, trips and fancy stuff. Me...clean my house and give me a break. Thanks family, and my 35 facebook well wishers. Good Times.

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