Thursday, April 4, 2013


I know I've addressed this before but the whole holiday thing is a little out of wack around here. It seems we jump from one to another and really it is so much less about the actual date or reason of tradition but gifts. Can you see me being all grinchy, GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS. I have told my kids every year that there is NO EASTER BUNNY or leprechaun or cupid that decorates, sabotages or breaks into your house to stuff you full of sweets. In fact I traded with them at your birth for the chance to randomly do nice things through out the year by myself, thus surprising them with things like, vacations and craft parties. So when I do surprise them with things like, heart shaped pizza and pink donuts, they look at me like I'm being weird and unnecessary. Can we ever really win? When I am surprised with a fresh Lai to remind me of our "honeymoon" in Maui, I am ecstatic.( They say women are hard to please) Then there's St Patricks Day? I don't get it, is everyone in Utah Irish? I certainly wouldn't think so judging by how many people STILL stop and tell me all about their English ancestors. Unless they think it's the same place! Our Easter consisted of a great Sunny day, Tri-tip Santa Maria Style and of course an egg hunt which apparently, no one is too old for. So now that that is over with, I will enjoy spring for a little while until the next holiday which just happens to be MOTHERS DAY. Oh I do hope the Mothers Day Fairy comes who cleans your house and brings bacon to your bed and takes you clothes shopping and watches chick flicks with you and..and.. what do you mean, no such thing. GGRRR...

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