Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I realize I've been awol for a while but I have been mourning the loss of a computer I know how to use. I have finally given up sulking and am trying to get a grip on this new, ultra cool to nerds apparently, laptop/tablet thingy.I got it a super nice cover so that makes it pretty to look at, shallow I know. I have finally downloaded pics and had a blast looking through all the fun that's been had around here in the last little while. I will start with the coolest Mummy Daughter date ever!!! Asha and I went to see the Beebs in concert. It was a hot ticket apparently, sold out in minutes way back when but as usual I decided to go last minute, on a whim after watching his awesome movie. I managed to get a couple of tickets off KSL the day before. They were limited view since I'm a cheapskate and wasn't about to drop $300 a piece on them but would have to say, we scored. The seats were awesome, not only were we close enough to see everything but we got to sneak peak some backstage stuff going on. Like this! His show was awesome, he's a true performer. At one point he went out among the crowd, suspended and sang acoustically. He's a dang good little singer but I'd have to say I mostly like his message. He seems to know his crowd are all youngsters and he gave a few touching little speeches about, following your dreams and believing in yourself no matter what. It's a message we all need to hear from someone who literally sang on a street corner and has worked for it everyday since. Yep, he made a believer out of me.

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